Say It Display It® was born in my living room in Scottsdale, AZ in January 2015.  It was divine intervention. Lawyers, designers, photographers, videographers, printers, logos, taglines, copyrights, trademarks; you can say we hit the ground running. Many growing pains along the way; we are definitely here to stay! 

We unveiled Say It Display It!® to the wholesale markets at the CA Gift Show July 2015, Oasis Gift Show in Phoenix January 2016 and the National Stationery Show in NYC in May 2016. 

Say It Display It® relocated to Oceanside,CA in June 2016; spreading the love at local art and craft events in San Diego and Orange County. We are in a multitude of stores from the east to the west coast. One of our favorite places to exhibit Say It Display It® was at the military base exchanges in Oceanside and San Diego. Say It Display It® moved to Texas in February 2018 and started sharing this simple and significant concept at the military exchanges, markets and local events. Our on-line presence continues to grow making it super simple for anyone to share Say It Display It® with  their friends, family, co- workers, and loved ones. 

Say It Display It® themed  collections are a fabulous tool to motivate and inspire employees, teams and co-workers to strive to put forth their best self. We have added a 'Kick Start Your Day- Power Punch' interactive and engaging presentation to show you how you can incorporate Say It Display It® daily inspiration cards into your day; one message at a time! Business™, Daily Dose™ Entrepreneur™ Gratitude™ Growth™ and Success™ are just a few of the themed collection options you are able to choose from to fuel your day; your way.

Please contact us if you would like us to introduce Say It Display It® to your business, team, group or organization! We have a great display of a large array of themed collections for you to view first hand. Our interactive program is fast and fun. Say It Display It® products are an excellent ice breaker tool and are used as simple conversation starters in team meetings. They can be used as a daily motivator for everyone to connect and participate in during work.

A passion of Say It Display It® and long term goals are to work with the homeless, recovery centers and women in domestic abuse situations. Our Empowerment l™, ll™and lll™  themed collections are a good place to start as a tool to replace negative 'stinkin thinking" with new belief systems.  

Our line is expanding. Say It Display It® is currently working on 3 brand new collections: Family Collection- 30 different loving messages pertaining to the importance of and what makes up a loving family. Each background has a different watercolor background; designed by the owner.  Heart Collection - consists of 30 different messages of inspiration/motivation from the owner of Say It Display It® heart.   The backgrounds are adorned with favorite outdoor photography taken with an I phone camera by the owner of Say It Display It®. Texas Tidbits Collection- 30 short and sweet messages to bring joy to your day. This collection is beautifully designed with none other than the breathtaking fields of wildflowers and bluebonnets that Texas proudly displays.

Our extensive collection of themes means there is truly something for everyone! Isn't it wonderful to be able to pick and choose a themed collection for friends, family, loved ones,employees, co- workers based on their individual needs? When you purchase a theme for yourself; internalize and apply the messages yourself you are actually contributing to other's health and well being too. A healthy, positive mindset begets a healthy and positive mindset in others.

We will continue to add new themes to our current line of themed collections. Please fill out the contact form on the home page  If you'd like to be added to our newsletter list for updates on new products, local engagements, special promotions and encouragement!

Owner Bio:

Long time in the business of art and design; I love what I do and the wonderful people I meet along this journey. The stories people have shared with me about how they are incorporating Say It Display It® into their daily routines or who they are giving this meaningful gift to is so exciting to hear.

Born and raised in a small town 30 miles east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; though I maintain a gypsy soul as I have crossed country three times- settling in Southern California, Delaware, Arizona and am currently in Hurst,Texas. The experience of moving has provided me the opportunity to enjoy beautiful scenery from all different parts of the country and take photos that I turn into daily inspiration card collections to include in my current product line. I'm an amateur photographer and a professional designer. It has also been a tremendous blessing to be able to move to different states and introduce Say It Display It® to different communities. I lived in San Antonio in the mid 1980's. As we continue to grow and expand I believe we have found our permanent home in Texas as God has brought us full circle. Maybe not Hurst, Texas but Texas; yes.

I am a self proclaimed 'sayings junkie' with over 25 years of motivational speaking experience. After retiring from a company with 23 years experience in the direct sales industry I founded Say It Display It® because I know first hand the transformative power words have on lives both professionally and personally.

From raising young kids as a single mom, battling depression to beating addiction to alcohol, positive inspiration and affirmations has given me the ability to live one day at a time and see the sunlight in the midst of darkness. 

I'm a collector of motivational books, articles and quotes throughout my life. I started collecting sayings when I was 12 years old and filing them in a metal floral design recipe box that mom picked up for me at Kmart. I wrote the sayings on index cards with bright colored markers, created topics and indexed the sayings in different categories relationships, love, life and God. Zig ZigIar has been a wonderful influence and all time champion of mine. I am also a follower of  Stephen Covey and his best seller 7 habits of Highly Successful people. Self help books gravitate to me like a magnet.

I enjoy blogging messages of inspiration and motivation, using life's ups and downs as a basis for my writings. I create all of Say It Display It's® daily inspiration cards with watercolors, acrylics and photography as an expression to combat depression. If you like you can also visit my business journey, photography, art and behind the scenes on my website

30 different Collections of Say It Display It® daily inspiration cards and growing; there is definitely something for everyone. You choose what you want to focus on and what themed collections best pertain to you. Do you need an extra dose of self esteem and/or confidence to get you through your day? Our themed collections of Empowerment- l™, ll™ or lll™ daily inspiration cards may be just what the self help gurus would order. Are you a business owner looking to take your mission to the next level? Check out the Success l™, Success ll™ or Success lll™ themed collections of motivation. These daily inspiration cards are packed full of simple and significant advice. Fuel your day. Fuel your month. Perhaps you just need a little inspiration boost as you go out the door for the day. Take a look at our Daily Dose™ and Everyday™ themed collections chock full of positive quotes. Do you want to stretch and grow in your faith and help others too? The God, Jesus, Scripture and Faith themed collections are an excellent choice as well as a very meaningful gift.

Our mission is to transform mindsets every day by offering daily inspiration cards that are uplifting, encouraging and empowering. We strive to offer the widest selection of themes so that your collections uniquely inspire you and or your tribe. Yoga instructors, Success coaches, Realtors, Counselors, Teachers and Recovery Specialists are choosing Say It Display It® daily inspiration cards to  use in their classes, share with clients, customers and utilize with their patients.

Thank you for taking time out of your precious, busy day to stop here! Please  SHOP Say It Display It's® wide array of themed collections. Fuel your day. Fuel your month. We appreciate you sharing your love of Say It Display It® to help us become a household name.

We need your help. Say It Display It® is divine intervention. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to provide you with inspiration and affirmations that have the ability to transform your mindset as well as the mindset of others. People have told us they feel we need this simple yet very significant tool now more than ever. Please share with others this vital concept of changing lives one saying at at a time. Boost your thoughts. Change your life.

Say It Display It® is bringing cyber space to in your face. Will you join us? 

Please use our contact email button at the bottom for any questions or comments you may have! Don't forget to sign up for our monthly newsletter where you will be encouraged, inspired and empowered.

Smiles, Linda
Everyday may not be good but there is something good in every day.


Introducing Say It Display It® at Fort Worth Military Exchange. Holding up the saying for the day from the Empowerment ll themed collection, backgrounds created with watercolors. Play 'Pick One'.. Fuel your day. Fuel Your month. Own your inspiration.