Say It Display It® daily inspiration cards come in 2 sizes. Our standard 4 X 6 size deck and a mini deck- 3.25” X 2.25”. The gift box is a slide out tray design packaged with your display stand that folds together in 2 simple steps.

2 step display stand assembly- hold the 2 back walls straight up and down and slide the tabs inside the slits. Turn the display stand facing front. Fold the back edge on the crease where it reads ‘display stand’. Tuck the edge against the back wall so the words ‘display stand’ are not visible. This creates your ‘platform’ to set your deck of 30 daily inspiration cards on. The inside of the stand behind the card deck will hold a pen or even support your cell phone on your desk!

How to use Say It Display It® daily inspiration cards effectively-

Each day play ‘pick one’. Read it out loud, take a few seconds to focus on the meaning of the message. Voila.. Fuel your day. Fuel your month. Invite this simple yet very significant tool into your daily routine. Your focus will not only impact you but you can use Say It Display It® to impact others as well.

Changing lives one saying at a time. 30 different messages, 30 different themes. Bringing cyberspace to in your face.

Own your Inspiration with Say It Display It®.