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Colors, logos, packaging; it's all about branding. It all started a little over 2 years ago. I did not have much revenue to get going and especially not for brand marketing. It was very important to 'get it right' from the on set of Say It Display It. Of course I knew that your business evolves over time and with that comes lots of changes. My thoughts were "you have got to be kidding me." In my mind and pocket book I could only afford to do this one time. Or at least only one time in the first couple years. Well here we are' a couple years later and we are on our third go round with our logo, packaging and color branding. We have changed our logo from outdated, kooky and confusing to fresh, clean and contemporary. In addition; our packaging has received a complete overhaul. Next month Say It Display It will be packaged in a gorgeous pirate black tray style box to contain your inspiration cards complete with a simple fold together display stand. Say It Display It has evolved from cellophane to a very classy look.

We are not financially secure to make these significant changes but at the same time we knew they were critical for the long term stability of our company. Feeling very confident with our decisions; I can not wait to turn the corner with our brand recognition. How does your branding speak to you? Are you outdated and dusty or are you fresh and clean? Out with the old' in with the new. We're here to stay.