Focus and Let Go Motivator

Today's Mental Fitness states: FOCUS on the things you can change and let go of the things you can't. The control, fix it person that I am by nature has to work on this one. Whether it be in my relationships, work or just daily routine I have a pre conceived notion of how or what things should happen. When I don't receive the outcome I anticipated I can be frustrated or just plain depressed.

I'm doing a lot of firsts with my new business such as finding shows to participate in, people to contact about my product etc. It's hard to accept a no cause I want everyone to embrace my product and do business with me. I'm not new to the world of sales. In fact I have been trained and given training on the fact you need 10 nos for every yes. The ole cliche states : Some will, some won't, who's next? 

Today I will focus on the things I can change such as how many calls I can make and let go of my concerns when someone tells me no.

I sometimes struggle with the little communication I receive from my grown kids. I know I need to let go of this feeling as it just brings me down. I will choose to focus on my life and the people I can reach out to who need me! Now that's change!

How does this saying resonate for you? Are you able to think about something you can change? What do you need to let go of that you can't change? Please leave your thoughts and comments here. 

Yours in Focus and Letting Go,