Mental Fitness for Your Day

Hello Dear Blog Followers!

Today is day 1 of an awesome new adventure. Two - Three times a week I'd like to present You with a profound, short message to help  Project Positivity- Empower ~ Encourage ~ and Engage. in other words; good mental fitness For Your Day!

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Mental Fitness Saying for the Day: FOCUS on what's going well. How does that resonate with you? Does that statement empower you to look at what they say as "the sunny side of life?" Does it challenge you to dig deeper into what really is going well? 

For me; today's events have been a challenge to Manage. Things started out great with a beautiful, sunny day here in Oceanside. Yes; most days are like that here! I jumped into my day with a devotion. Then I decided to get going on doing live videos to share with the world and here on my blog. Do you think I could figure out how to save it in my camera roll? Nope! I googled, I re- googled, I watched several You Tube Videos, I read articles, I tried out several apps that were recommended. Nothing! Then I asked my new friend on FB and cheerleader from Signature Social Marketing Consulting if she could help me. Within seconds she responded with a video tutorial. So as I continue to chase the 'How To's' of Social Media, I will remember and FOCUS on what is going well instead of sliding into a ditch of despair! I want to post the  MINI Videos here but haven't figured that out yet either!

  would  really like it if you would engage  in some dialogue too!  add your comments right here. 

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