An Idea Is Born!

It was January 2015 I was sitting in my living room on a Sunday evening when I heard God speak. It was not an audible voice but one deep in my soul. I like to think of it as a whisper you hear if you're plugged in and turned on! He told me to let go of what I had been doing and create a line of motivation, inspiration and humor with my own art and design. I was so excited to hear this that I began to write down all the thoughts and ideas that were swirling around in my head..what to do first, who to contact, potential names for my company.

Over the course of the next 6 months I consulted with a lawyer, banks, 3 designers, many print companies, manufacturers in China, packaging experts, a photographer, United States Trademark & Patent office, US copyright office, friends, shipping companies, online websites for product and who knows what else! You could say it has been a journey of a lifetime! Many highs, many lows, full steam ahead then brake before I hit the finish line. There were days where I felt like I was going to drown and days where I could breathe.

Yes, six months ago I had no clue about filing trademarks, business in China, customs, security filings, digital & off set printing.. on and on. I have a retail background though there were days where the business of wholesalers, distributors, sales reps and retailers just blurred.

Today the wires are a little less crossed. I now begin new waters of uncharted territory.. LLC, fulfillment houses, on-line presence expansion, social media beyond Facebook, Pinterest, Linked-In and Instagram, marketing, angel investors, accurate record keeping, sales reps, and hiring help. Say It display It! is here but the journey goes on. 

I will continue to blog the details and steps on this journey I took along the way as well as the new path I'm now on. I hope you will return! From dream to reality.. an idea is born! XOXO :)