2 in 1 Mental Fitness For Today

1. Keep it Simple 2. Be Patient with Yourself WOW! 7 Words total. Profound words to apply. These two different messages stand alone and also tie together for me.

Let's look at the first message 'Keep it Simple'. What does that mean to you? How may you apply those to your life today? At work? At home? With your loved ones? Personally; I am the queen of complication, especially when it comes to expressing myself and wanting to make a point. My kids have asked me "What is your point?"  Professionally; As I work to get my product and message out on social media I need this gentle reminder.. KEEP IT SIMPLE! I'm hopefully perfecting this here for you!

Be Patient with Yourself ties into Keep it Simple for me as a way of giving myself some grace on this journey to simplicity. Where do you need to Be Patient with Yourself? Are you hard on yourself? Has anyone ever said "Don't be so hard on yourself"? I surely have heard that! I'm learning something new and more to do on social media everyday. It is not hard for me to turn a 3 step project into 10 steps to get to the same outcome. Part of it is because I don't understand the 'how to'. As I strive to learn I need to keep remembering- Be patient with myself!

So you get it! How will you implement Keep It Simple today? Hold this very simple concept in everything you do and say today! Oh and if you get off track.. well then just remember- Be Patient With Yourself!

Both of these messages are in the Recovery Theme Collection in the Specialty Themes tab. Recovery is one of my favorite subjects as I head towards 26 years in recovery for alcohol abuse in September. https:www.sayitdisplayit.com

I would love your feedback and how either one or both of these messages resonate with you! Please leave your comments here! If you found this the least bit thought provoking today would you please like and share this simple Mental Fitness with the special peeps in your life today?