Positive Change


This statement is a great one to focus on today. Of course we can all make positive or negative choices every single day. When I read this 'I statement' it reminds me to slow down my decision making and think about the consequences of my choices. Will my decision to do A or B affect the outcome of my day positively or negatively. What will I choose to do first on my list that will keep me on a productive train throughout the day? 

I constantly am striving to streamline my work day and not let little distractions in. One of those distractions is my phone! I can easily get side tracked and deviate from the task at hand with all the social media I'm plugged in to. Check Facebook updates, Instagram, Pinterest, and all of a sudden I am way off target in my estimated completion time of a project. I am working at not picking up the phone when I'm in the middle of a project! 

For today I will put forth my best effort to create a work day that is consistent with positive change. I want to stay on track so that I can experience the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day!

Tell me.. What things can you do or implement into your day to bring about positive change? Share your thoughts here. You never know who you just may empower or help!

Smiles for Change!