Failure is part of Success

Of course... Failure is not the opposite of Success. It's part of success. We know this but do we believe it? Are we able to be grateful for the failures that are bringing us closer to success?

My son's first job was a paper route. At first he was doing a beautiful job; delivering and collecting on time. Then something changed. We started getting calls that he wasn't collecting their money regularly. Papers were being delivered late. Instead of allowing my son to fix these problems himself; I stepped in to try to fix everything with his customers. It felt like my reputation was on the line as far as mom who was raising a responsible child. He came to me with an angry tone and said "Why can't you just let me fail?" I'll never forget his question. He was asking me to back off; let him make his own mistakes and fail if need be. Ultimately he would learn and eventually succeed. I'm happy to say that he has indeed succeeded in school and career. Though it was through his own stumbles and failures..not on my watch or in my way.

I have failed countless times. Through some of my business failures I thought I was doing the right thing. I found out differently. Wrong relationships, wrong financial choices, wrong business ideas. Each and every failure gets me closer to success. Fail, fail, fail.. the underlying opportunity to learn from them and grow into success.

What has your life journey looked like? Are your failures bringing you closer to success? Embrace the failures, learn from them and realize they are part of success!

Failure is not the opposite of success