The Owner's Bio

Owner Bio:

Long time in the business of art and design, I love what I do and the wonderful people I meet along this journey. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, though I have crossed country three times- settling in Southern California, Delaware, Arizona and currently in Oceanside, CA.. The experience of moving has provided me the opportunity to enjoy beautiful scenery from all different parts of the country and take photos that I turn into Saying Displays® to include in my current product line. I'm an amateur photographer and a professional designer. 

I've worn many different business hats through the years- motivational speaker, author, direct sales leader for 25 years and forever entrepreneur. Impacting other's lives through motivational, inspiration, affirmations, quotes, and sayings or even just one word and then displaying them on Saying Displays is what Say it Display It!® is all about and what I promote. 

I'm a collector of motivational stuff throughout my life. I guess you could say a hoarder of sayings. :) and a 'Saying's Junkie.' I blog messages of inspiration and motivation, using life's ups and downs as a basis for my writings. Usually 300 words or less, I incorporate a 'one liner' (saying, quote, scripture) to go along with the art or photography I share. If you like you can visit my photography, art and blog at

As a single mom since the kids were little, and beating addiction to alcohol (sober 26+ years) I can honestly say that positive affirmations have been a powerful tool in my personal life. They have helped me personally change stinkin thinkin (as my counselor called my 'once upon a time' negative behavior) to live one day at a time and always see the sunlight in the midst of darkness.

20 different Collections of Saying Displays® in all; there is definitely something for everyone. Changing lives one saying at a time is what Say It Display It is all about. I hope you will join us on this positive journey and come back for more!

Thank you for taking time out of your precious, busy day to stop here! We hope you will join us.. Kick starting, mind shift changing, replacing negativity.. making a difference journey! One saying a day! 

Please use the contact form on left side bar for any questions you may have!

Smiles, Linda
Everyday may not be good but there is something good in every day.