The Product

Words are your thoughts. There is no difference between the two.  With Say it Display it!®, you can kickstart your day with words of hope, encouragement, and empowerment, and develop a positive mindset for your day.   The messages are powerful, motivational, and stimulate change.

Say it display it!® uses a line of 'sign-card' collections called Saying Displays®. There are 30 unique messages in each theme collection, a month's supply! Our vast variety of theme specific collections of sayings  provides the user with a tool geared towards them!  With 20 themes and counting (such as Empowerment, Faith, Entrepreneur, Recovery, and Success), ensures you find the perfect set to kickstart your day or someone else's! 

The one of a kind Inspiration Box holds up to 7 themes (180+ Saying Displays®) and is beautiful piece of decor to showcase your Saying Displays® in the workplace, home, or classroom.  Engage friends, family, business associates, co-workers, clients, students and guide them through the challenges and uncertainties of the day.  

Start changing your life or the lives of others. 

The Impact



Our clients and customers use our theme collections to enrich their lives in a variety of ways.  Based on their goals and needs, they select the appropriate card theme.  After only a short time using the product they start experiencing the positive results in their lives. Inspire Affirm Enjoy® is our tagline. Mental Fitness that projects positivity to empower, encourage and engage is the end result! 

While other companies have similar card collections, ours is a unique concept and different.  30 different sayings in a theme pack provides you a month's supply and you can keep coming back for more!  The messages are powerful, encouraging and stimulate change. They have an impact! You can choose the themes that best fit your needs; not just an assortment of random inspirational cards where you find many don't apply to your situation or needs. We will also be continually adding more themes to the Say It Display It® line of Saying Displays®.

The Founder

Hi! I'm Linda, owner, creator, and designer of Say It Display It!®.

As a single mom since the kids were little, and beating addiction to alcohol (sober 26+ years) I can honestly say that positive affirmations have been a powerful tool in my personal life. They have helped me personally change stinkin thinkin (as my counselor called my 'once upon a time' negative behavior) to live one day at a time and always see the sunlight in the midst of darkness.

I've always been a collector of motivational things throughout my life. I guess you could say a hoarder of sayings or a 'Saying's Junkie.'  I've worn many different business hats through the years- motivational speaker, author, direct sales leader for 25 years and forever entrepreneur. Impacting other's lives through motivational, inspiration, affirmations, quotes, and sayings or even just one word, that is my passion and why I created Say it Display It!®.

 I hope you will join us on this positive journey and come back for more!



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