mental fitness

I Can I Will

Repeat out loud 10X the words: I CAN I WILL. Okay; assuming you just did..GREAT JOB..You have just mastered exactly what it takes to get the job done! Once you tell yourself 'I Can' and then act on the I Can with I Will you are going to accomplish whatever it is you are trying to do!

There are 100's of books out there on positive thinking and re-training your brain. Does it all boil down to four simple, less than four letter words? Perhaps you are thinking it's not that easy to make things happen and change the course of your business, life or whatever it may be.

I understand behind the statement 'I Can I Will' takes discipline, determination and hard work. Sometimes it takes years to flush out 'stinkin thinkin' and replace with positivity. We all start somewhere to get where we need or want to go.

Today I applied this simple thinking to writing a new business plan. Organizing my thoughts on business to create a final product takes a considerable amount of work and discipline for me. I think in circles and get my thoughts cris-crossed and jumbled. In order to achieve what I absolutely need to do to 'go big' with my business I had to embrace and believe the words I Can I Will. I am determined so it worked!

What is going on in your life where you might be able to incorporate I Can I Will to help you move forward? It would be great if you'd like to share your thoughts here.  Till next time just know you I'm cheering for you because I know you are able if you want to! :) 

Yours in Mental Fitness,