Failure is part of Success

Of course... Failure is not the opposite of Success. It's part of success. We know this but do we believe it? Are we able to be grateful for the failures that are bringing us closer to success?

My son's first job was a paper route. At first he was doing a beautiful job; delivering and collecting on time. Then something changed. We started getting calls that he wasn't collecting their money regularly. Papers were being delivered late. Instead of allowing my son to fix these problems himself; I stepped in to try to fix everything with his customers. It felt like my reputation was on the line as far as mom who was raising a responsible child. He came to me with an angry tone and said "Why can't you just let me fail?" I'll never forget his question. He was asking me to back off; let him make his own mistakes and fail if need be. Ultimately he would learn and eventually succeed. I'm happy to say that he has indeed succeeded in school and career. Though it was through his own stumbles and failures..not on my watch or in my way.

I have failed countless times. Through some of my business failures I thought I was doing the right thing. I found out differently. Wrong relationships, wrong financial choices, wrong business ideas. Each and every failure gets me closer to success. Fail, fail, fail.. the underlying opportunity to learn from them and grow into success.

What has your life journey looked like? Are your failures bringing you closer to success? Embrace the failures, learn from them and realize they are part of success!

Failure is not the opposite of success



Colors, logos, packaging; it's all about branding. It all started a little over 2 years ago. I did not have much revenue to get going and especially not for brand marketing. It was very important to 'get it right' from the on set of Say It Display It. Of course I knew that your business evolves over time and with that comes lots of changes. My thoughts were "you have got to be kidding me." In my mind and pocket book I could only afford to do this one time. Or at least only one time in the first couple years. Well here we are' a couple years later and we are on our third go round with our logo, packaging and color branding. We have changed our logo from outdated, kooky and confusing to fresh, clean and contemporary. In addition; our packaging has received a complete overhaul. Next month Say It Display It will be packaged in a gorgeous pirate black tray style box to contain your inspiration cards complete with a simple fold together display stand. Say It Display It has evolved from cellophane to a very classy look.

We are not financially secure to make these significant changes but at the same time we knew they were critical for the long term stability of our company. Feeling very confident with our decisions; I can not wait to turn the corner with our brand recognition. How does your branding speak to you? Are you outdated and dusty or are you fresh and clean? Out with the old' in with the new. We're here to stay. 

The History of Say It Display It!®


Say It Display It!® was born in my living room in Scottsdale, AZ in January 2015.  Lawyers, designers, photographers, videographers, printers, logos, taglines, copyrights, trademarks; you can say we hit the ground running. Many growing pains along the way; we are definitely here to stay! 

We unveiled Say It Display It!® at the CA Gift Show, Oasis Gift Show in Phoenix and the National Stationery Show in NYC. 

We relocated to Oceanside,CA in June 2016. You can find us at local shows in San Diego and Orange County. We are in a multitude of stores from the east to the west coast. One of our favorite places to exhibit live is on the military bases in Oceanside and San Diego.

We love participating in Women's Conferences. We have added a 'Kick Start Your Day, Power Punch' interactive and engaging presentation to show you how you can incorporate Saying Displays® to impact and change your day! One Saying Display® at a time! Feel free to contact us if you would like us to come speak to your group or organization! 

One of our bigger missions is to provide a viable, working tool for displaced Veterans. In the near future we hope we can provide a service and a product to them through becoming involved in the San Diego Veteran's Coalition. 

Another of our passions is working with the homeless and women in domestic abuse situations. We all can surely use the Empowerment theme to help feed us a good healthy dose of self esteem for the day! 

Creative Display Ideas

Display Your Saying Displays Sign-Cards From A Clothes Pin, On A Magnetic Board, Cork Board, Name Place Card Holder! The Ideas Are Endless!

Can you think of any new ideas?  Which ones are your favorites?

Focus and Let Go Motivator

Today's Mental Fitness states: FOCUS on the things you can change and let go of the things you can't. The control, fix it person that I am by nature has to work on this one. Whether it be in my relationships, work or just daily routine I have a pre conceived notion of how or what things should happen. When I don't receive the outcome I anticipated I can be frustrated or just plain depressed.

I'm doing a lot of firsts with my new business such as finding shows to participate in, people to contact about my product etc. It's hard to accept a no cause I want everyone to embrace my product and do business with me. I'm not new to the world of sales. In fact I have been trained and given training on the fact you need 10 nos for every yes. The ole cliche states : Some will, some won't, who's next? 

Today I will focus on the things I can change such as how many calls I can make and let go of my concerns when someone tells me no.

I sometimes struggle with the little communication I receive from my grown kids. I know I need to let go of this feeling as it just brings me down. I will choose to focus on my life and the people I can reach out to who need me! Now that's change!

How does this saying resonate for you? Are you able to think about something you can change? What do you need to let go of that you can't change? Please leave your thoughts and comments here. 

Yours in Focus and Letting Go,



I Can I Will

Repeat out loud 10X the words: I CAN I WILL. Okay; assuming you just did..GREAT JOB..You have just mastered exactly what it takes to get the job done! Once you tell yourself 'I Can' and then act on the I Can with I Will you are going to accomplish whatever it is you are trying to do!

There are 100's of books out there on positive thinking and re-training your brain. Does it all boil down to four simple, less than four letter words? Perhaps you are thinking it's not that easy to make things happen and change the course of your business, life or whatever it may be.

I understand behind the statement 'I Can I Will' takes discipline, determination and hard work. Sometimes it takes years to flush out 'stinkin thinkin' and replace with positivity. We all start somewhere to get where we need or want to go.

Today I applied this simple thinking to writing a new business plan. Organizing my thoughts on business to create a final product takes a considerable amount of work and discipline for me. I think in circles and get my thoughts cris-crossed and jumbled. In order to achieve what I absolutely need to do to 'go big' with my business I had to embrace and believe the words I Can I Will. I am determined so it worked!

What is going on in your life where you might be able to incorporate I Can I Will to help you move forward? It would be great if you'd like to share your thoughts here.  Till next time just know you I'm cheering for you because I know you are able if you want to! :) 

Yours in Mental Fitness,


Positive Change


This statement is a great one to focus on today. Of course we can all make positive or negative choices every single day. When I read this 'I statement' it reminds me to slow down my decision making and think about the consequences of my choices. Will my decision to do A or B affect the outcome of my day positively or negatively. What will I choose to do first on my list that will keep me on a productive train throughout the day? 

I constantly am striving to streamline my work day and not let little distractions in. One of those distractions is my phone! I can easily get side tracked and deviate from the task at hand with all the social media I'm plugged in to. Check Facebook updates, Instagram, Pinterest, and all of a sudden I am way off target in my estimated completion time of a project. I am working at not picking up the phone when I'm in the middle of a project! 

For today I will put forth my best effort to create a work day that is consistent with positive change. I want to stay on track so that I can experience the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day!

Tell me.. What things can you do or implement into your day to bring about positive change? Share your thoughts here. You never know who you just may empower or help!

Smiles for Change!


2 in 1 Mental Fitness For Today

1. Keep it Simple 2. Be Patient with Yourself WOW! 7 Words total. Profound words to apply. These two different messages stand alone and also tie together for me.

Let's look at the first message 'Keep it Simple'. What does that mean to you? How may you apply those to your life today? At work? At home? With your loved ones? Personally; I am the queen of complication, especially when it comes to expressing myself and wanting to make a point. My kids have asked me "What is your point?"  Professionally; As I work to get my product and message out on social media I need this gentle reminder.. KEEP IT SIMPLE! I'm hopefully perfecting this here for you!

Be Patient with Yourself ties into Keep it Simple for me as a way of giving myself some grace on this journey to simplicity. Where do you need to Be Patient with Yourself? Are you hard on yourself? Has anyone ever said "Don't be so hard on yourself"? I surely have heard that! I'm learning something new and more to do on social media everyday. It is not hard for me to turn a 3 step project into 10 steps to get to the same outcome. Part of it is because I don't understand the 'how to'. As I strive to learn I need to keep remembering- Be patient with myself!

So you get it! How will you implement Keep It Simple today? Hold this very simple concept in everything you do and say today! Oh and if you get off track.. well then just remember- Be Patient With Yourself!

Both of these messages are in the Recovery Theme Collection in the Specialty Themes tab. Recovery is one of my favorite subjects as I head towards 26 years in recovery for alcohol abuse in September.

I would love your feedback and how either one or both of these messages resonate with you! Please leave your comments here! If you found this the least bit thought provoking today would you please like and share this simple Mental Fitness with the special peeps in your life today?